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Cashew nuts are a popular and nutritious snack enjoyed by many around the world. Among the various grades of cashew nuts, W240 cashew holds a significant place.



Cashew nuts have gained popularity as a delicious and versatile nut. They are known for their creamy texture, mild taste, and nutritional benefits. Among the different varieties available, W240 cashew stands out for its quality and size.

What is W240 Cashew Nut?

W240 cashew nuts are a grade of cashews that are highly regarded in the cashew industry. They are medium-sized, whole cashew kernels with a pale ivory color. The “W” in W240 signifies that the cashew is whole and not split or broken. The number 240 denotes that there are approximately 220 to 240 nuts per pound or 485 to 530 nuts per kilogram

The Difference Between W320 and W240 Cashew

W320 and W240 are two different grades of cashew nuts. The main difference lies in their size. W320 cashew nuts are slightly smaller compared to W240 cashews. While W320 cashews have approximately 300 to 320 nuts per pound, W240 cashews have 220 to 240 nuts per pound

Why W240 Cashew is Highly Regarded

W240 cashew nuts are highly regarded due to their size, appearance, and quality. The medium size of W240 cashews makes them visually appealing, and they are often considered jumbo nuts. Their pale ivory color further enhances their attractiveness. Additionally, W240 cashews are known for their rich and creamy taste, making them a preferred choice for various culinary applications.

The Best Quality of Vietnamese Origin Cashew Nuts

When it comes to Vietnamese cashew nuts, W240 cashews are considered the best in terms of quality. The kernels of W240 cashews are medium-sized, pale ivory, and have a beautiful whole-kernel appearance. They are internationally recognized as Vietnamese Premium Large Cashew Nuts. The quality and taste of W240 cashews from Vietnam make them highly sought after.

All About W240 Cashew Nut

W240 cashew nut is a high-quality, medium-sized cashew kernel that ranks among the top grades of whole cashew nuts. It has a pale ivory color and weighs approximately 220 to 240 nuts per pound or 485 to 530 nuts per kilogram. The W240 cashew nut is known for its appealing appearance and is often preferred by consumers looking for premium quality cashews

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