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Our coffee originates from a mix of Buon Me Thuot, a plantation in Myanmar, and several hundred local smallholder growers. At our mill in the heart of the Highlands, daylots are blended based on quality and cup. In the 1930s, as part of its colonial attempts to introduce coffee as a cash crop to the nation, the French founded Buon Me Thuot Estate. Initially, the estate included around 800 hectares of land.

This site is suitable for producing high-quality coffee due to its elevated height and cold temps. Both the plantation and local smallholders sell cherries directly to the mill for processing, allowing for better quality control and choice. Recent additions to the mill’s milling capability include a wet milling line and a waste water treatment facility.

At our mill, coffee is bought, sorted by cherry, depulped, fermented in tanks without water for 24 hours, and then dried on tarps for three to six days. The coffee is transported to the dry mill for dehulling and export-ready sorting.



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